Spring cleaning

A running list of things that are easy to forget, relatively quick to do, and make your life easier on a daily basis.

  • Review and reorder apps on homescreen
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for common actions
  • Add TextExpander / Alfred snippets for frequently used phrases
  • Your addresses / emails in your contact card
  • Share sheet ordering
  • Bookmarks toolbar
  • Review privacy permissions on phone and computer
    • Location
    • Photos
    • Full disk access
    • Screen recording
  • Login items
  • Unsubscribe from unread email newsletters
  • Review and cancel SaaS subscriptions
  • Notification preferences
  • Alexa shortcuts
  • Change major account passwords
  • Two factor
  • Widgets
  • Chrome extensions
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Phone favorites
  • Pinned iMessage chats
  • Default apps
  • Alfred workflows
Zachary Hamed @zmh