Migrating from Medium to Micro.blog

As part of my annual website cleanup, I’m moving off Medium to Micro.blog. A few of the steps I’m taking:

  • Export Medium archive in Settings
  • Remove subdomain (blog.zhamed.com) from Medium
  • Enable subdomain on Micro.blog
  • Enable Medium subdomain URLs (i.e. zmh.medium.com instead of medium.com/@zmh)

And then for each post I’m moving:

  1. Edit post with a link to my new blog
  2. Setup Cloudflare redirects from blog.zhamed.com/mediumurlformat to blog.zhamed.com/microblogformat
  3. Edit new post on Micro.blog to link back to Medium
  4. Edit Medium article’s canonical URL to be the Micro.blog link
Zachary Hamed @zmh